Tuesday, 22 October 2013


You need to be prepared when you work on a boat because the weather can change fast. At 6:00am it had all the makings of a fine day, the kind you dream about in October, but you never know when you go out. A patch of dark clouds was gathering through the morning haze and we were heading right towards it... 

(Clothing from the October Mens Dept and new releases from Fashion Emergency and American Bazaar.)

To the pots
Half way to the pots, the wind picked up and the first drops began to fall. Rule No.1: keep your neck dry - so I grabbed my Gabriel sweater. The one that keeps my ears warm and the wind out my face. It never leaves the boat...
The Wind Rises

By the 20 mile marker, it was a damn mini-squall. The sky darkened again, the rain rolling in like sheets and we went for the foul weather gear. Did I mention the wind, I guess I did...
Mini-Squall at the Marker
I threw on my Deadwool slicker. Yeah it’s covered in grease from the engines; it’s not a fashion show out there. It keeps my hands free and the rain off my back, that’s what matters! 


Back On Land
I was happy to be dockside again and back in my FE jacket. Squall or no squall we got our pots in cause that's what we do...
Back On Land 2

 Location: Plage des Graniers

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