Thursday, 15 May 2014

One Afternoon Selling Ramen

This is a story of one afternoon. After I spent all my linden on my super hair, ring, diamond, makeup, I had no more linden, and thinking about no money made me stress more. And so, I setup an illegal ramen stall in the afternoon when Marco went to work, so he wont find out I am doing illegal business in the pretty neighborhood  Oh well!!! it is not a good strategies to setup ramen stall during officer hour, because everyone is in office !!...

End of story, Max  and me eat all the ramen and something happen... we saw UFO  and UFO actually wants to buy our ramen but no more coz we ate them all!! 

End of stories...  

I had learn my lesson, never spend till you broke..and now i have to clean the garden before Marco found out. 

Well, I guess this is the most hillairious blog post I ever made here. and the most photo i had since so many years.. So dont kill me if you dont like it. :D 

Styling credits;-
Hair @ +Spellbound+ Junko // Reds
Outfit@ Sweet Lies - Sexy Spring Red Outfit  
Stalls & all the ramen cups @ / XIAJ / Ramen Gacha @ TCF -gacha
Poses @ *agapee*-photo pose set(f) - new release 

Afternoon with ramen stall2

Afternoon with ramen stall3

Afternoon with ramen stall1

Afternoon with ramen stall

Afternoon with ramen stall4

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