Thursday, 31 July 2014

Okinawa Summer Festival 2014

Today, I am going to bored you gals again with my continuously photo. The last time I did the photo when I was illegally selling ramen in front of my house. However, this time, I am not selling anything, but I intend to eat them all by myself... not going to share with my dog Max too.. "evil grins"....heheheh

I hope you like my photo and will visit the Okinawa summer Festival 2014. There are lots of item which is at a very affordable price.

My Dress @ /// offbeat /// - rare (might need to ask the designer for alpha, as it did not appeared in my inventory)
My Pinwheel@ NEO** Summer Pinwheel - 4 (gacha item)
Delicious food and table@ / XIAJ / Summer Bento Okinawa Summer Festival (gacha item)
The props @/ XIAJ / Sunday Morning Gacha 

** I never finished anything >.< but I will finished all the food in front of me... yummy !!
My dog ain't getting anything.. aww he looks so sad
I am full of energy and time to play !!
:O.. Whats up there, Max? 
Lets find some butterfly!!1

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