Monday, 28 July 2014


The 4° round at OMG sale room continues. The theme is rock and this outfit is very nice!
TopJ.Allen- Amy skull sweatshirt (not free; exclusive for OMG sale room)
ShortsJ.Allen- Alanis shorts (not free; exclusive for OMG sale room)
BootsFormis Designe- Outfit camy (dollarbie 5L at OMG sale room)
HairAnalog dog- pop scotch, full color pack (gift available at Hair Fair)
BubblegumPink Fuel- Yum bubblegum! (not free)
PoseBehaviorBody- Cherie parker (past gift)

Hair Fair is closed but you can find some free hairs at the Analog dog store. The boots are part of a dollarbie outfit  and if you go to the OMG sale room you will find many gifts / dollarbies... shhh, it's shopping time!

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