Tuesday, 13 January 2015

052015 - Men Only Hunt

Since today, nobody is talking to me,kinda sad lol,  therefore, I decided to log into my partner's account and get him to hunt down all the item from the MEN ONLY HUNT - WINTER HUNT, which started on the 10th January 2015 to mmm.. end of the January 2015 ( I guess, oh well). 

Well, it is been a while since I am doing blogging for the hunt.  The hunt now are more challenging, as area search is no longer 100% usable, therefore hints are very important, and that's made I think..., and I will logging to my partner's account, hopefully, he wont grumble at my come back blogging obsession. 

Well, enough said, and here, the styling credit.. hopefully it is all right. You can get the lm from this website, I am too lazy to link them, as it took my whole night to get all the item. 

Hints and landmark can be seen here:- http://flairforevents.wix.com/menonly#!moh5-hints/ce61

Hair @ MINA - Alex - Dark brown 
Sunglass@ [Z O O M ] Evumark Sunglass
Top @[AR2 Style] Military Jacket
Pants@Legal Insanity - MOH sweat pants 69
Tatoo@ .Inhale. Council of the Dead 
Scarf [ dynasty ] - Winter Scarf 
Bag@  .Inhale. Council of the Dead ( that is the packaging, I thought it cool)
Shirt@ Razor/// Drift Heavy Knit Shirt -  Plain Black 
Pant @ [:: JesyDream ::] Casual Capri GREY
Necklaces@AITUI - Hammered Steel Necklace

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