Thursday, 9 July 2015

The feather dress

“I thought the disinterested kindness of the people, their dispassionate words, were like a feather dress”
Banana Yoshimoto
The feather dress
Outfit: Sukitita – Losy black – includes body and stockings (exclusive for Event@1st)
Boots: KC Couture – Berlin
Dono con fiocco Hair: Virtual Diva – Pink Hair (group giftDono con fiocco
Accessories: Zibska – Fiachra set ; earrings and collar ( new release in mainstore)

KC Couture are wonderful *.* have a complete HUD, love them Cuore rosso
Zibska Fiachra set was created to coordinate with the Fiachra Headpiece & Pauldrons (no longer available, past exclusives for We <3 Roleplay!). Earrings and collar set feature 16 colors for main and accents…
and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!

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