Tuesday, 3 November 2015

592015 - Featuring Vero Modero

Recently whenever I went, all i see is mesh head... and with the recent release of  Mesh Head, everyone is trying, including me, hoping that one of these beautiful head will be matched with our avatar personality. 

And I did bought one, and wore it, for few days, and sadly to said, whenever I went anywhere in SL, my partner, will tell me, that girl looks like you, and that girl looks like you. So everywhere i went , i had some twin, with 70% same look. It does at times  made me feel sad, because I was groomed to be different from others. 

And with all that said, I decided,  that at times, i will be the same with the community, with 30% differences in look, and whenever I took photo for blogging, I will wear my beautiful mesh head which available at the market right now. 

And with that all said, I introduce you to the new mesh head, from TDR and also the latest outfit from Vero Modero... both of them are gorgeous... you will love it. 

Hair@ CATWA HAIR Jolie [A] 
Head@[Chloe Vanderbilt] Mesh Head - Chloe (TDR Fusion)
Outfit @ [VM] VERO MODERO / Luna Skirt Set Black (new release)

Sepia Day

Sepia Day

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