Sunday, 27 December 2015

692015 - Falling Asleep after Christmas

Hola !!.. I think I  woke up and will continue my sleeping journey after this :p. Recently, not really recently, it was like 1 week ago, I decided to polished up my Photoshop skill, although I am sucks at it. 

I am trying to do my way of wind-light for my photo..errmm, am not sure why i says so much about it here, ohhh.. now i remember, because i am a dull village girl, all my new theme is mostly dark brownish, therefore, all the clothes that I am going to wore, it is going to lose it colors,oops.. don't let the designer know about :p. They will blacklist me soon :D. 

But, because I am a dull and procrastinating all the time, I will made extra copy of the photo that will shows the colors of the design, for your easy decision.  

So now.. my job is done, and i am back to the dreamland :D 

Styling Credit 

Hair @TRUTH HAIR Damaris 
Head Set @ *LODE* Head Accessory - Ceri Band [white]
Necklaces@ Bens Boutique - Christmas Jewelery Set - Christmas Gift  (marketplace) 
Sweater@ ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Random Cold Day (Nordic)  -new release 
Jeans @ ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Destroyed Jeans v1 -with hud (Stone) -new release 
Boots@ ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Lace Me Up Boots (Safari)
Location @ Elysion

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