Sunday, 10 January 2016

Arrow to the Star

Dear Reader. How is your weekend? :)

Have you checked "The Liaison Collaborative (TLC)"Event? If you have not check yet, i think you should :) 
January's Theme is "The World Market". 
From Sway's items are "Oriental taste". and They are 25%off only TLC event. 
later this event, back to regular price! 
and I want to introduce you Sway's Mix Item, and CHEZ MOI FURNITURE's group gift( for free group) together. 

Sway's @ The Liaison Collaborative (TLC)
Sway's main store Slurl

Drawers : Sway's [Ihina] chest of drawers . tall @ The Liaison Collaborative 2
Drawers : Sway's [Ihina] chest of drawers . small @ The Liaison Collaborative 2
Rug : Sway's [Ihina] Rug with fringes @ The Liaison Collaborative 2
wall art : Sway's [Facette] Wall art . arrow @ Mix 
wall art : Sway's [Facette] Wall art . star @ Mix 
flower in vase : Sway's [Facette] Vase with flower . C (black vase) @ Mix
flower in vase : Sway's [Facette] Vase with flower . A (red vase) @ Mix 
flower in vase : Sway's [Facette] Vase with flower . B (white vase) @ Mix
table : Sway's [Facette] Table
Cushion : My Place CHEZ MOI (Group gift for free group)
Coat rack : 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Branches Coat Rack (Wayward Market gift)

Bathrobe : *plowwies* Happy Floppy Feet jammies female 3 -->plowwies main store
 (Hair / Hat separate)

Rug color / vase color / table color / wall art color changeable by touch.
"My Place" by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE 4 single animation. 

Happy shopping! Thanks for reading. 

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