Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Simple Life

How many of you dreamed to have a simple life. Honestly, when I grew up, I never dreamed to have a simple life. I dreamed to be an important career woman,  and be a proud with my own achievement. However, did I achieved all that I have wanted in my life? For most of it, I did, with all my hard work all these while. But recently, when i look over it, i just realize that I need a simple life..  A life without worries and without to be on your guard every time, people start coming towards you, even thru the emails. I dont want to be a human walking with numbers in head..I want to be human that can feel the wind, and not the air conditioner, I want to laugh and feels the laughter and not the silent office cubicle when i entered to the office. I dont want to curse at my staff, but to encourage them to do better. As people's saying, the more you are at the top, the more lonely you are. It is seems to be true.... 

I am making my way to have a simple life, simple 8-5 work, no more stress and have more times to enjoy my life, with my cats .... wish me good luck :D 

For now, please welcome my secondlife avatar with a simple life style. 

Hair @ (r)M Hair No.36'16 ( Hair Fair) 
Skin @ .:JUMO:. Devon Skin Pale
Dress@ [Loovus] - Emazte - Lilac /Peach  ( Designer Showcase ) 
Flower @ ASO!Mimosa

Close up A simple Life

The Sunny Day

Looking back

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