Sunday, 28 August 2016

Shelby's Finds #78

"Amin khiluva lle a' gurtha ar' thar"
(I will follow you to death and beyond)

Skin: Lumae - Eirtae / Elphaba (Bare) @ Enchantment

Hair: Mello - Wicked (Metallics) @ Enchantment

Top: Caboodle - Regal Assassin Gacha (Black Assassin's Poncho)

Pants: Caboodle - Regal Assassin Gacha (Black Assassin's Pants)

Boots: Noble Creations - Shiny Black Leather Boots

Bracers: Noble Creations - Legend of Warrior Gacha (Berserk Black Scales Rare)

Neck Piece: Noble Creations - Black Slimy Snake

Cloak: Noble Creations - Noble Cloak

Eyepatch: Caboodle - Regal Assassin Gacha (Assassin's Rose Eyepatch)

Wings: Mello - Monkey Girl Gacha (Wings Evil Rare) @ Enchantment

Crown: Sayo - Geode Crown @ Enchantment

Ears: Lumae - Leevi Ears

Sword: Caboodle - Regal Assassin Gacha (Assassin's Sword Rare)

Pose: Eternal Dream Poses - Game of Wars 05

Decor Items
Kalopsia - Cart, Barrels, Stone Arch, Forest Well, Pile of Stones & Flying Leaves
22769 - Brother's Gacha (Chained Black Dragon)

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