Sunday, 1 August 2021




:FNY: GACHA - Inflateable Food Gacha @Release for UniK, August Round starting at August 7th.

This Set will only be available from August 7th - 31st 2021 and will then taken offline due to LL's announcement of banning porridge from Sept. 1st. There may be a copy / mod version in the future but NEVER again a transferable version you are able to resell. So be part of the last days of Gacha and save you're Inflateable Food Gacha Set at Unik from

:FNY: Designs - Ice Cream Floatie Bitten RARE

:FNY: Designs - Melon Cut Floatie ULTRARARE

:FNY: Designs - Orange Slice Floatie - Adult

:FNY: Designs - Pineapple Tube Floatie - Adult

:FNY: Designs - Ice Cream Floatie

:FNY: Designs - Half Lemon Slice Floatie

:FNY: Designs - Orange Slice Floatie - Adult


Enrage - jocks - Mike @release for the Happy Weekend Sale

only 3 colors will be sold at a discount (unicorn, black, light pink) 

Forr Legacy+Athletic, Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni


*Birth* 'Cason' Catwa Applier @ in the store

BOM, and catwa applier. tone 3 in the photo

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