Wednesday, 29 March 2023

El barrio de Shinobi


NEO-JAPAN SL FASHION SHOW 11 Edition  25.03.2023 
Event is already opened.
Styling done for the eleventh edition of the Fashion Show Neojapan, from the agency Miss SL Model Agency
Shinobi is the same as ninja, before to refer to the practitioners of ninjutsu (art of sneaking / hiding) they were called Shinobi no mono, but it was shortened and read Ninja. The Kanji or Chinese Sinogram that Shino or Ninja is read means: resistance, endurance, hidden, hidden, resist, endure, endure, hide, hide, go on the sly.

Zibska Hideko Makeup [100] 01 in photo
eyemakeup in 18 colours in 3 transparencies. Cosmetic packs are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers.

ExalteD - Tenshi Kimono & Pants  @NEO JAPAN
Two parts, kimono and pants. Hud to change the shirt color (black or white). Kimono is with 5 patterns, and 3 for pants. Fitted for Belleza, Davis, Gianni, Kario and Legacy. 

Collaborative weapon. The set contains Knives or Kunais for the mouth, and both hands. Also contains SHINOBI KUNAI Exclusive techniques: Raijin Chakra ball, Raijin combo and Raijin Chakra combo, very useful naimations with light effects for combat. In addition, the kunai can be thrown and teleport to where they have been thrown. You can also select which kunai you want to use and change the color of the effects.

Eldrimm- Maikol Shapes (Show in Lelutka head EON) @ in marketplace

:ANDORE: - :ear-acc: - Idda -m- [Lel Evo X]
CELESTE - Long Tailed Wisp 
DURA  GROUP GIFT March 2023[black x red]

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