Monday 20 May 2024

Preparing the next attack


Nagato consulted his tablet for the latest instructions. The orders were clear: the next target was Fermilab, near Chicago. However, a persistent doubt gnawed at him. He had been infiltrated for several years in the 11th and 12th centuries, an arduous and lonely task that had cost him much of his personal life. Although the purer air and freedom to move without restrictions on Earth's surface offered some respite, he constantly longed for his real family and a special person he hoped to share his life with. The message he had just received reminded him of the danger of his mission; he had almost lost his life in the last incursion. This near-death experience increased his doubts about whether he was on the right side and the true purpose of his missions.

As he prepared in his hideout, Nagato reviewed the plan meticulously. He needed to infiltrate Fermilab, locate the core of the particle accelerator, and destabilize it without being detected. While preparing his equipment, his thoughts grew darker, remembering moments with his family and the person he left behind. Determined not to fail, he checked his tools one last time. With a mix of determination and doubt, he set off for Fermilab, questions about his loyalty and mission purpose weighing heavily on his mind. Despite the uncertainties, he was ready to face the challenges ahead, protect those he loved, and discover the truth.

[Vile] - Bevy Pick Up Bar @ in main store
Hud to select among 10 textures for frame, and door.

(:ERG:)Drum Standing Bar @ ff 2024 )(in main store now)
Item with glass and cigar to add when touching. Also you can change barrel textures.

NAGATO  Skin is  compatible with  All Evo X Heads. With shape made on a  EON Lelutka head. Also with neckfix, to adapt it to any skin. You can get this face skin in these tones: TONE 1 - TONE 2 TONE  3 - TONE 4 - TONE 5, with or without brows. In the photo: [ VENDETTA ]- T3 NAGATO FACE SKIN   - EVOX. 

 LOB /
[LOB] RETROCORE SET @  in main store
Amazing ensemble with two pieces: jacket with addon (undershirt) and pants. Huds allows you to select among different colors or patterns in jacket, sleeves, edges & pockets. The undershirt can be also in ten different textures. Rigged for Jake, Legacy and Gianni.

KOKOS-EARRINGS BATMAN-Gauged XL Ears @ in main store
EARRINGS BATMAN-Gauged XL Ears(M)Set with male and female options. Hud to change two parts selecting among 14 patterns.

Exile:: COLTON @ in main store
Hud with more than 200 color patterns, style hud and bright and materials options. 3 BOM haibases layers.


panDEMONium ink // hazard nails for  N E X U S  HD nails v.4  @ GIFT 

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