Friday 20 October 2017

Case 9898 - Red hair Ghoul

Hi Everyone, 

Guess that everyone is having much fun with Halloween...well this is my version of  Halloween photo, in fact most of the time, i prefer to look normal and beautiful in my photos.. hahahahha.... 

But recently, i am attracted to dark fantasy photo but with my limited skill, I cant produce them.. anyway, but  from time to time, you will see me posting about fantasy photo, and dark too..  I try to do my photo with emotion too... guess it is too much from myself to my own photo with my limited skill. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my photos, and this beautiful dress is from Azul. And I come to realized that I love to have flowers in my photos.. so i guess i will be a flower girl soon. 

Have a great weekend, and i will be back again in a very short while... jajaja 

Hair @ (r)M Hair, No.50'17 (Redheads)
Eye @ IKON Sovereign Eyes - Crimson
Eye Tattoo @ .Bloody Missin Eye.MERCIER 
Dress - Photo 1@ -AZUL- Keely /iolite
Dress - Photo 2 @ -AZUL- Keely /Morganite
Flowers @  *LODE* Hand Accessory - Freesia [blush] (previous gacha) 

I wasnt born normal

some kinda photo

Case 9898 - Red Hair Ghoul

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