Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Feast

Actually, I want to post out this sooner than this, but because of my procrastination, I delayed it till now. I found this event, from a note card, and it is unbelievable, that most of the item sold there were very affordable and most of them come from the A-List designer (in my opinion only). Also, I found some new or maybe not so new designer, seems I just came back to SL recently, and all their items are awesome.  And if you are into role-play player, this is a good sim to get all the item. 

And, today is the last day to shop at Redeux.. go go go  

Photo 1
Hair @ Tableau Vivant \\ Teri hair - Browns
Collar@ - shanghai - Luxury Choker @ REDEUX
Dress @ Faida & Fallen Gods Inc.~ Berenice, Blacks @REDEUX

Photo 2
Hair @TRUTH HAIR Kyoko -  reds
Face @ SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head - 06 (not bento)
Dress@ The Annex - Angel Dress - White - REDEUX

Taken @ ROIAF sim.
****HEAR  me ROAR*****

The Feast


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