Thursday, 5 December 2013

Oh Deer

After my recent foray into the cold and snow, nothing better than to be back around a warm fire.

Note the great jacket, which is a gift you can pick up over at (Red)Sand. Also a cool hat from Laney's, free for the SL Frees group, but you better hurry because apparently it won't be around much longer.

Oh Deer
Decor Items
  • Bench: Bauwerk - Lodge Bench Brown Cow (Not Free, mesh)
  • Chair: Vespertine - Vintage rounded armchair/wicker ver (Not Free, mesh)
  • Wall Art: Bauwerk - Oh Deer (undecorated) (Not Free, mesh)
  • Vase: Bauwerk - Steel Vase with Roses (Not Free, mesh)
  • Build: Pixel Mode - Willow Log Cabin (Not Free, mesh)
Location: Onyx Isle

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